Our sister company sells rustic wedding decorations in Eatonville, WA!

Rustic Receptions began in 2015 when I realized weddings were expensive. I started helping friends find low-priced wedding decorations and learned everything I could. I took a Wedding Planner course through the New York Art Institute but really found my calling with budget weddings more on the Rustic side of the design chart. I came across brides all the time who didn't have the time or energy to disperse their decor and our Decoration Store was born!

Stop buying things off Amazon! Shop Right here in town! We have a booth inside Center Street Junction in Eatonville where we sell gently used wedding decorations!

101 Mashall Ave N Eatonville, WA Tuesday- Saturday 10-5

Tired of selling your decor through Marketplace? Consign with us! We take wedding decorations on consignment through appointment only in Eatonville, WA, or schedule Rainier Event Rentals to pickup your decor along with your wedding and event rentals!